16 Teams That Prove WWE Should Run A Trios Tournament

I want these Trios, and I want them now. 

The Shield Faces

If there are two things that are true about 2017 WWE, they are that 1) they love doing tournaments and 2) they are definitely paying attention to the indies. With two Dusty Classics, the CWC and the UK tournament on the books and the Women's Classic on the horizon, what better time for WWE to take a cue from CHIKARA and run a trios tournament?

It would be churlish to expect the time-travelling madness that is CHIKARA's storyline bread and butter, but the meat of the format is one WWE would do well to digest.

The following 16 teams - a full 32-match tournament bracket - have been assembled mostly from current members of the WWE and NXT rosters, with a few surprise guest appearances and returns thrown in for good measure. Some of these teams have worked together in some fashion before - two separate units linked by one common member, for example - while others are established three-man teams, and still others have never teamed in meaningful ways.

You'll also find wild speculation about how well these teams might do in this hypothetical tournament, so be sure to make your picks known in the comments below.

16. Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins & Mojo Rawley

The Shield Faces

Zack Ryder is the bridge here, stitching together the established teams of the Hype Bros and the Edge Heads. If Hawkins and Ryder could figure out how to use their veteran instincts to harness and aim Mojo Rawley's prodigious power, this team could be a force to be reckoned with.

How They'd Fare: Probably not well. Of the three, Zack Ryder has had the most success, but even at his highest points, he's never been a favorite to win anything. Curt Hawkins hasn't exactly set the world on fire in his WWE return. That leaves relative rookie and human golden retriever Mojo Rawley to anchor the team, so, yeah, first round elimination.

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