16 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (Dec 11)

Chris Jericho's sly WWE dig, The Young Bucks' Jeff Hardy tribute and more...

By the time AEW Revolution comes around on 29 February 2020, it'll have been 112 days since Full Gear, the promotion's last foray onto pay-per-view. That might be some sort of record for a major company in the modern era. Going that long between big shows is brave, but it's somehow admirable that AEW refuse to rush through things.

At least top storylines are getting room to breathe, and it puts emphasis on weekly television.

This week's episode of Dynamite was fairly straightforward. There was no messing about from AEW as they set upon the task of selling Jon Moxley as Chris Jericho's next title threat (without giving any physicality away), establishing The Young Bucks as the next Tag Title challengers and having an absolute ball when it came to those wrestler nameplates.

No less than three of the 16 hidden gems examined this week discuss those plates. There's also another helping of WWE lore to dig through; Jericho might've fired another shot, and Nick Jackson did his best Royal Rumble 2000 impersonation.

Here's everything you might've missed from All Elite's latest...

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