16 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (Sept 10)

Uncooperative tables, Shane McMahon forgetting his own angles and horrible photoshop...

There are some crippling flaws in SmackDown's storytelling right now.

Someone needs to explain why Kevin Owens is being booked like one of the "Losers" from IT Chapter Two after previously being portrayed as a renegade bad ass and modern update on Steve Austin's anti-authority formula. Further, there's no justification for babyface Chad Gable sprinting round the ring to celebrate and conveniently forgetting that a torn KO screwed him earlier in the same match against Shane McMahon.

These aren't minor plot holes. They're gaping maws that need reined in before SmackDown jumps to FOX and execs there wonder why the hell they've invested so much money. If other shows on the channel weaved narratives like WWE's blue brand has recently, they'd be thrown off the air. Sad to say, perhaps, but nonetheless true.

Of the 16 things you might've missed from this week's show, at least a handful made little sense or were totally avoidable for the writers. Elsewhere, there was some more 'Shorty G' insanity, awful photoshop efforts, an indy champ being squashed and 'The Fiend' giving MSG a post-show treat...


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