17 Reasons WrestleMania 17 Is The Greatest Wrestling PPV Ever

4. The Sledgehammer Nearfall

Undertaker entered the match with Triple H at Wrestlemania X7 8-0, but his undefeated streak hadn€™t really been brought up too much, other than maybe a footnote after the previous matches. This was the first match where it was apparent that Undertaker€™s undefeated streak was on the line, adding a sense of urgency to the outcome. The match was a pure brawl, going into the crowd, and there was a big spot where Undertaker chokeslammed Triple H from the top of a control tower. But the big spot of the match was when Undertaker almost lost his undefeated streak. He lifted Triple H up for the Last Ride powerbomb. But before Hunter went up, he grabbed a sledgehammer on the mat, and in one fluid motion as he was going up, slammed Undertaker in the head with the hammer, busting him open. That was the first time Undertaker was seriously in jeopardy of losing a Wrestlemania match. He kicked out, obviously, and continued the streak for another 12 Wrestlemanias.

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