17 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (16 Oct)

Unintentional blood, cross-promotional WWE jobbers, NXT references and much more...

Chris Jericho Painmaker

Chris Jericho might want to rethink his nickname after Dynamite's stellar main event with skateboarding fan favourite Darby Allin. He's no longer the 'Painmaker', he's the 'Starmaker'.

What a headliner it was, one filled with underdog brilliance, enough memorable spots (without going overboard) and a finish that helps splinter Allin off into a feud with Jericho's heavy Jake Hager. Keep an eye out for those matches, because they're sure to be special if AEW use Hager's power-based arsenal against Darby's speedster offence.

For now, here's everything you might've missed from the third chapter in AEW's new televised phenomenon. It was another packed show, and there's a little bit of everything in here. No bubbly though, sadly. Still, the list has dangerous bumps, funny chants from the Philly crowd, great improv work from Jon Moxley and more.

Some recent WWE jobbers also showed up to take a pasting from the Inner Circle, WCW figurehead Ted Turner showed face (sort of), there was unintentional bloodletting and one gentleman in the crowd appeared to be at the wrong event. NXT is that-a-way, sir...

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