17 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (7 Oct)

Tyson Fury was blatantly jealous of Braun Strowman's No Way Jose beard...

Tyson Fury

It seems that every time Vince McMahon wants to fend off competition, he reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out ye olde 'Boxer vs. Wrestler' card. 1998's version had Steve Austin brawl with Mike Tyson to counter WCW, 2008 had Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather (possibly to stymie TNA) and now 2019 has Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury to combat AEW's rise.

Admittedly, Fury's real-fight credibility and Braun's intensity did keep Raw's audience interested.

There was one thing you might've missed during the scuffle though, and it's an absolute gem of an image that should live on forever in .GIF form. That is joined by 16 other sneaky moments, including wrestlers trying their best not to corpse, Jerry Lawler in a self-deprecating mood on commentary, references to Joaquin Phoenix in Joker and more.

There was also an appearance from Bray Wyatt as 'The Fiend', Lucha House Party finally being relevant and The Rock's SmackDown gift to Baron Corbin ringing true. Here are all the things you may well have missed from WWE's final Raw show before this Friday's Draft...

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