17 WTF Moments From TNA Impact (September 2)

A bunch of people just reminded everyone they still work for TNA...

This week's Impact Wrestling had a lot to answer for after last week's shocking revelation that Karen and Jeff Jarrett were the masterminds behind the recent chaos in TNA. Though this storyline is evidently going to be slow-bled for a while (possibly leading to a huge showdown at Bound for Glory?), the wheels sure got turning this week, with a number of bizarre and unexpected moments leading the way. As usual, fans had terrible signs and EC3 cut a promo you won't soon forget, while Jeff Hardy made a career change for the foreseeable future, and a number of TNA talents showed up to reminder you that, yes, they are still employed by the company. Sure, Josh Matthews continued to lie about Impact trending worldwide and he had to shill more lame Destination America shows, but hey, he didn't embarrass himself as much as usual this week, so that's something! Nevertheless, here are 17 WTF moments from this week's Impact Wrestling...

17. Chris Mordetzky Was Behind The Bully Ray & Drew Galloway Attacks

Following up the revelation last week that Karen Jarrett ordered the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway, she reveals to her husband Jeff that it was, in fact, GFW's Chris Mordetzky who actually carried out the brutal assaults. While it might've been a good chance to reveal a more iconic wrestler as behind the attacks to stir a little more interest, it does make total sense, given Mortdetzky's ridiculous physique and clear status as the strongest wrestler on the GFW roster...
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