18 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (August 19)

Becky Lynch throwing bombs, Sasha Banks being a blue-haired bitch and more...

Braun Strowman Seth Rollins

The OC's brimming trophy cabinet didn't last long.

Raw has some new Tag-Team Champs in the unlikely form of soon-to-be-enemies Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, and that leaves Messrs Gallows and Anderson looking like belt-less chumps following AJ Styles around yet again. Of course, WWE don't give a damn, because it means they can add another layer of intrigue into the upcoming 'friendly rivals' story over the Universal Title.

You couldn't fail to miss Braun's beaming smile as he raised the titles alongside Rollins, but you might've missed a load of other things on this week's show. It was a goodie. Paul Heyman's booking style has helped those three hours whizz rather than plod along, and his attention to small details means there's a lot to take in.

Here, you'll find vicious promo lines that blur between kayfabe and reality, some awesome work from production (followed by some of the most random mistakes all year), nice allusions to King Of The Ring past and all the usual hidden gems you've come to expect.

18 things you probably missed, all in one place...


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