18 WWE Easter Eggs, References And In-Jokes You Never Noticed

Extras, inside jokes, really weird trivia, and other assorted buried treasure.

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With the advent of YouTube, DailyMotion, and of course WWE Network, a new generation of fans has been introduced to wrestling history. For WWE's part, the network houses every pay-per-view event from WWE, WCW, and ECW as well as every WCW Clash of the Champions special, every WWF/E Saturday Night's Main Event special, and a host of other original and archival programming.

On the network, the biggest moments are covered from top to bottom, while many enterprising fans have tried to fill in the gaps on YouTube and DailyMotion. It's never been easier to try to watch old wrestling videos. The newer breed of wrestling geeks may not be familiar with the history behind some of the odd inside jokes that have permeated wrestling over the years, or in some cases, like with certain performer's names, even know that they're inside jokes in the first place.

It's more than just that, though: There are other little things that the untrained eye might miss, like who exactly is in a show's credits or what exactly someone is talking about in an interview or on commentary, as well as really weird trivia that makes the experience more fun. There are also just plain cool hidden gems.

WWE has included some of these in the original shows like Countdown and WrestleMania Rewind, but some people might not watch if they didn't know about these in advance. There are also some fun things that are impossible to categorize. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most fun the easter eggs you should be hunting down...

18. If Ric Flair Wears Red Trunks, He's Probably Losing

Ric Flair Randy Savage

Think about Ric Flair's most famous matches. Now try to remember the ones where he wears red gear. Did he win? Probably not. There may be an obscure exception here and there, but at least in big matches, if Flair wore his red trunks, boots, and kneepads, he always lost.

Why? Nobody seems to know. Flair doesn't readily give interviews, there are few chances to ask if he did this on purpose or if it's just insanely dumb luck. He wouldn't be the only wrestler whose gear could be used as a code: Fellow "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel wouldn't wear kneepads if he had decided he wasn't taking any bumps in a match, but like Flair, he's an outlier.


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