2 New Trademarks Filed For WWE NXT Star

WWE puts in two trademark requests for a recently-debuted NXT 2.0 talent.

Lash Legend Franky Monet NXT 2.0

With WWE forever filing for new trademarks, Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut has now put in for a further two trademarks that relate to the NXT brand.

As of 21 September (as per Wrestling Headlines), WWE formally filed for the trademarks to "Lashing Out" and "Lashing Out w/ Lash Legend" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Both trademarks were put in for, amongst other things, entertainment services.

Of course, both of the aforementioned trademarks relate to the Lash Legend character who made her on-screen debut on this past Wednesday's episode of NXT 2.0. There, Legend announced that next week would see the inaugural outing for her talk show, Lashing Out.


For those wondering who exactly Lash Legend is, she's former WNBA player Anriel Howard.

Howard formally signed with WWE late last year, and she was described at the time by Dave Meltzer as "the most decorated athlete the company has ever signed". A college basketball standout at Mississippi State and Texas A&M, Anriel then had a spell with the Seattle Storm in the WNBA.


While WWE clearly has high hopes for Lash Legend due to Anriel Howard's extremely legitimate athletic background, the fact that she's been given her own talk show segment suggests that the company also has plenty of faith in Howard as an on-screen character and with a mic in her hand.

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