2 Title Matches Set For WWE NXT Spring Breakin'

NXT and North American Championships set to be defended on special in two weeks.

NXT Spring Breakin

NXT's latest televised special is two weeks away, but fans saw two major title matches added to the card Tuesday.

Carmelo Hayes staked his claim at an NXT North American Championship rematch after defeating Santos Escobar with a little help from some goons (likely affiliated with Tony D'Angelo). Champ Cameron Grimes answered and accepted the challenge, but Solo Sikoa laid out Hayes and Trick Williams as payback for last week, when the duo cost him his North American title match.

This set up a triple threat that was confirmed later on for NXT Spring Breakin', which is slated for 3 May.


Later on NXT 2.0, NXT Champion Bron Breakker finally caught up with Joe Gacy after pursuing him throughout the backstage area all night. Gacy returned the WWE Hall of Fame ring belonging Breakker's father Rick Steiner, but on the condition that Bron give him a title match at Spring Breakin'.

Breakker naturally agreed, and then Gacy promptly shoved him off the platform they were standing on, sending him crashing to the floor below. Then, in what could only be described as a completely baffling scene, a bunch of robed figures surrounded Bron and enveloped him as he screamed as the show ended.


It was... quite the ending. Not to say that being NXT Champion carries the same credibility it did a few years ago, but Gacy and some low-rent druids are not exactly going to make Bron's reign more impressive.

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