2 Ups & 5 Downs From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Mar 1)

Returns, unnecessary storyline continuation, and injuries being faked.

Johnny Impact Killer Kross
Impact Wrestling

It feels like each week sees the same old thing being said in this column about the decline in quality of Impact's ongoing stories. Bar one or two reasonably alright angles, the majority of the company's happenings at the moment just don't have that spark to make people that invested. Despite the star-studded lineup they have as a roster, the creative minds behind the scenes clearly are clearly struggling to use it effectively.

There are a few bits here and there though that are quite good. Take Johnny Impact for example. Recently, he's been criticised on this page for claiming to be a fighting champion when that wasn't exactly the case. This week saw him seemingly fake an injury mid-match, leaving Brian Cage in there alone. By the looks of things, Impact are going down a different route with him from here on out, something that should hopefully make him a more interesting champion as opposed to someone that puts on decent matches.

However, you've still got the usual suspects of tedious storyline development. We don't need eight weeks of Sami Callihan begging Rich Swann to join oVe when he made his mind up on the first ask, and we certainly don't need former World Champion Eli Drake being a hypocrite when it comes to hardcore wrestling.

Less of this please. With that said, let's get to it...


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