2 WWE Stars Injured At House Shows?

A couple of WWE wrestlers were seemingly hurt during this weekend's live events.

WWE live event

WWE wrestlers Carmella and Tatum Paxley both appeared to get injured at separate live events this weekend.

Carmella was wrestling Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair and Asuka on the 6 August Saturday Night's Main Event show in North Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately, she was apparently hurt when running towards the corner while Belair was attempting a backflip from the second rope, with their heads seemingly colliding on the way down.

Twitter's @TheKipUp captured the moment:-


Carmella rolled out of the ring immediately after the impact. Per attendee @sashasliv, officials put up the dreaded "X" symbol, signifying a suspected injury. Although the former SmackDown Women's Champion was able to walk away, she was, according to @sashasliv, shielding her eyes from the arena lights.


Paxley, meanwhile, was wrestling Sloane Jacobs for an NXT Live event on 6 August. The bout was rendered a no contest when Paxley hit her face on a ring post following a head kick, leaving her unable to continue.

The developmental prospect has since hit Twitter with an update, saying she'll be okay:-


Whether or not Carmella or Paxley's issues will necessitate time off is currently unknown. All the best to both as they recover.

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