2 WWE Stars Recognised By Guinness World Records

Current WWE Raw and SmackDown wrestlers just entered the Guinness history books.

Randy Orton Natalya

Both Randy Orton and Natalya have just been recognised by the official Guinness World Records committee.

Orton recently passed Kane's milestone to earn his way into the history books for the most pay-per-view matches by a male WWE wrestler ever; Randy teamed with Riddle to face The Usos at Survivor Series 2021 on 21 November. That was his 177th in-ring supershow appearance, which is now a company record.

Meanwhile, Nattie has shattered the women's record. She worked her 68th pay-per-view bout on the same show by taking part in the traditional Raw vs. SmackDown elimination match. That means Natalya now sits alone atop the female record books.


Both Orton and Natalya remain active, and neither looks like they're ready to hang up the boots any time soon. So, in other words, both could realistically smash through the 200 and 100 marks respectively. That'd take some beating.

Despite being part of the roster since 2002, Randy didn't actually make his PPV bow until SummerSlam 2003. He was, however, part of the 2002 Global Warning event in Australia - it's unclear whether or not that's recognised.


Nattie's first pay-per-view appearance was at Backlash 2008. There, she worked some spots in a brief 12-woman tag.

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