2 WWE Stars Reveal New Gimmicks On Friday's SmackDown

WWE handed out some new gimmicks and erm...names to these SmackDown wrestlers.

Mace Mansoor Models

Mace and Mansoor are gone.

They've been replaced by Maçé (pronounced "Ma-Say") and Månsôör̃ (pronounced "Man-Soire"). Max Dupri finally unveiled his first "Maximum Male Models" clients on Friday's SmackDown after weeks of false starts and teases - former Retribution man Mace and going-nowhere worker Mansoor strutted down the aisle.

It looks like both will be working as a tag-team going forwards too, but fans shouldn't expect Dupri to stop there. It's very likely that this new stable will add some fresh members as the weeks/months roll on. Perhaps they'll get a female worker to balance out Max's interests between divisions too.


This marked Mace's first on-screen appearance since November 2021. Meanwhile, Mansoor hasn't been spotted since working that Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the 1 April edition of SmackDown. Few will remember that he was in that match, if they even recall the multi-man bout at all.

This repackage job will surely get people talking, but at least it gives both guys something to do on the roster. They were really struggling, so deserve a chance to turn this into an unlikely smash hit.

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