20 Absolute Best Wrestlers In The World Right Now

Simply Phenomenal.

AJ Styles WWE Champion

Professional wrestling's global talent pool is impossibly vast.

The bar has never been so high, and with world-class performers present everywhere from the grimiest European indie promotions all the way up to WWE's glitzy, glossy heights, keeping up with everything has become a monstrous task. Harder still is picking these wrestlers apart and determining who's truly worthy of 'Best In The World' status, but we're going to give it a go regardless.

Everyone has a different opinion on what determines wrestler's quality, so we're going to keep it simple, with each one judged on the full breadth of their performance skills. In-ring chops, character portrayal, and microphone ability are all factors, as are intangibles like presence, aura, and charisma. Anything outwith the wrestler's control, like push and creative direction, is not.

Notable omissions are inevitable. There are literally thousands of great wrestlers out there, and dozens of hard cuts were made. There's no place for the likes of Sasha Banks, Finn Balor, and Cesaro as a result, which doesn't mean they aren't exceptional, but that they're not quite working to a top 20 standard at the moment.

Let the arguing commence...

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