20 Absolute Best Wrestlers In The World Right Now

Ranking the world's biggest hitters, from WWE, Japan, Mexico, and beyond.


Much has changed since the last time we considered the best wrestlers in the world, but while everyone has a differing opinion on this subject (and there's no such thing as an objective "best" wrestler), our criteria are relatively straightforward.

In-ring ability, character work, presence, aura, and charisma are equally important. Moreso is how well a performer comes off in their environment. Regardless of whether it's their fault or otherwise, it's impossible to call someone a "best in the world" contender if they aren't showing it. Besides, the cream of the crop find ways to transcend inconsistent writing anyway.

Honourable mentions are many. Seth Rollins, WWE Raw's most consistent wrestler, misses out through his unconvincing promo work and propensity to wet the bed in big matches (see: TLC 2018, Extreme Rules 2018). Chris Jericho's brilliant NJPW appearances are too sparse. Matt and Nick Jackson's incredible selling-oriented 2018 has tailed off over the past few months. Tetsuya Naito is a victim of middling booking and stagnant card position, though 2019 promises greater riches. Asuka is only just showing signs of her former self again. The list goes on.

Who's left after such noteworthy omissions? Let's find out...


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