20 Best Wrestling Insults Ever

Whether comical or vicious, sharp tongues and pro wrestlers go hand in hand.

As far as performance arts go, professional wrestling is pretty damn unique. Yes, it revolves around the action in the ring, but the words spoken by the competitors in the build up to the matches can often be just as important. 

Wrestlers act as their own hype machines, giving fans a reason to be emotionally invested in the hip tosses and chinlocks.

More often than not, these heated conversations will break down into nothing more than a succession of insults, of harsh words spewed back and forth not unlike two children arguing over a ball in the playground. The majority of the time this is all done within wrestling's peculiar fictional world.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the fourth wall comes crumbling down. More than most forms of performance art, pro wrestling loves to nod its head in the direction of the real world, even more so when that comes at the expense of the talent. 

Nothing is off-limits, either, with the belt lowered to the floor when it comes to increasing interest in matches.

Wrestling history is littered with insults, the best of which make us cringe and applaud in equal measure. Some can come within character, others reference real world events that redefine the much overused 'pipe bomb' idea.

Here are 20 of the best wrestling insults of all time.

To save some time, I'll let you know that, no, Dwayne Johnson's high school humour will not be featured!


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