20 Most Epic Wrestling Matches That Weren't Supposed To Be Epic

19. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison (Hell In A Cell 2010)

On the surface, a €œSubmissions Count Anywhere Match€ seems like something that a fanboy on a forum would come up with for his fantasy promotion. However, seeing the concept take shape in October 2010 was a thoroughly enjoyable reality. Daniel Bryan was the only wrestler involved that knew a host of submission holds. Initially, assumptions were made that such a fact might prove problematic to the bout€™s success. In actuality, it did not matter a bit. John Morrison was able to use his incredible flexibility to latch on innovative submissions that many American fans had likely not seen before, challenging Bryan to showcase his vast repertoire. The Miz had an important role to play as the lone antagonist that the people wanted to see tap out. The €œCount Anywhere€ part of the match came into play later on, allowing Morrison€™s Parkour style to shine. Bryan was up to the task of trying to bring out the best that Morrison had to offer within the confines of the gimmick, with Miz playing the role of the pesky heel. The United States Championship was on the line and, ultimately, Bryan retained it, but this was a one-time stipulation that left an impression.

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