20 Most Insane Wrestling Spots Of The Week (March 27)

A Piledriver into a toilet is always entertaining!

It should be of no surprise to anybody that Lucha Underground's second incarnation of Aztec Warfare absolutely dominated this week's countdown of the most insane spots. That match was an extended highlight reel of jaw dropping wrestling moves, so your forgiveness is requested for the dozens of moves from that one that didn't make the final draft. In addition to the action on the El Rey Network, tables were destroyed in tandem, a Meltzer Driver was intercepted into a mighty Powerbomb, and a bizarre Piledriver was delivered inside a bathroom stall - you don't want to miss that one. Diving straight into the action this time around is a gorgeous high spot from the man who walked into the Temple as the Lucha Underground Champion, Fenix...

20. Step Up Corkscrew

Fenix just won the Lucha Underground Championship one week prior and then had to defend it against 20 other guys in Aztec Warfare. Talk about being dealt a rough hand. Fenix didn't retain the title, but he surely gave it his best effort. In this spot he executed several rotations to the outside as he took out King Cuerno.

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