20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Jan 14)

Cyborgs, PWI awards, and freaky photoshops make up this week on AEW Instagram...

AEW Instagram

Settling into TBS life after a blockbuster first night on the job, fans of Tony Khan's All Elite product will be hoping that Wednesday nights on their new home station won't follow in the footsteps of what went down on Dynamite this past week.

Opening with the sort of never-ending promo train that left a generation of WWE fans disillusioned, not even the glimmers of light in the form of Wardlow's most recent tease towards the light post-Punk defeat and dynamic Deeb/Shida sprint could paper over this two-hour crack. Cody Rhodes being left medically unable to compete at Battle of the Belts also saw his brother step into the TNT Championship light - well, interim, at least - Canadian Destroying a Spanish God as he reminded everyone why he's still not to be slept on, even in defeat, at the youthful age of 52.

But as a Murderhawk Monster returned to violently throw his name into the world title hat, a new face joined the ranks of The House of Black, and real-life loves finally unleashed a smooch on canonical TV, the feeling of a new chapter in AEW's history currently being written has never been more evident. But whether it is one we'll look back on fondly, in the same vein as the summer of 2021 or early 2020's delightfully refreshing offerings, remains to be seen.

The new year is thoroughly underway, a Jurassic duo are set to defend their titles on Rampage tonight, and an Alien's little leg is finally catching up. But just who kicked off 2022 with a sparkly new PWI end of year Wrestling Award? Let's hit the All Elite Insta-sphere to find out, shall we...

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