20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Jun 8)

Which AEW star announced they're having a baby on Instagram this week?

AEW Instagram

A week or so on from the second biggest PPV in the promotion's history, the AEW landscape appears to have shifted once again.

New Championship eras were welcomed in with a healthy dose of fast food goodness, fresh world title challengers continued to pick up momentum, and the World's Strongest Man made his Dynamite debut. Yet, it's impossible to overlook the single biggest takeaway coming out of the latest Friday night offering from AEW's flagship: Andrade El Idolo is All Elite... and he's already making friends in the form of a rejuvenated Vickie Guerrero.

Will a motivated former NXT Champion take to his new surroundings like a tranquilo duck to cool water? Only time will tell, but it's fair to say most in attendance (man, it feels good to type that again) and watching at home clearly couldn't wait to find out.

The more things change, however, the more they stay the same as The Young Bucks successfully defended their AEW World Tag Team Championships against Death Triangle and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega played the victim yet again, this time claiming himself and Don Callis are set to blow the lid of wrestling's latest "conspiracy".

With Omega scheduled to defend his big gold AEW belt against Jungle Boy in a few week's time, will this be the moment the Jungle Boy becomes the Jungle Man? Or better yet, a Jungle Champion? We may have to be patient when it comes to that answer, but at least we can celebrate Hangman Page's awesome news on Instagram in the meantime.

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