20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 2)

Which AEW star showed off his new cactus suit on Instagram this week?

AEW Instagram

Just when you thought you had all the answers, AEW went and threw a massive spanner in the feel-good tale of redemption that was Hangman Adam Page's rise to the top of the men's rankings.

Flattening those hopes like The Machine he proudly claims to be, Brian Cage made light work of our millennial hero, blowing the division wide open and providing us with far more intriguing new directions to mull over in what is becoming something of a signature trait for the land of All Elite.

Away from a Dynamite boasting this, the sight of a hench Cody Rhodes scaling a Nightmare bus to whoop QT Marshall's sorry ass, and Darby Allin refusing to loosen his grasp on the TNT title, the AEW and AAA Mega Champion added another important title to his ever-growing collection this week: that of IMPACT's reckoning. Oh, and he won their top title at Rebellion too, carrying a knocked out Rich Swann to a stunning conclusion to their main event epic.

Can anyone stop Kenny and his douche bag cronies' reign of terror across the wrestling landscape? Well, if one recently released former NXT Champion has anything to say about it, at least one of The Cleaner's shiny golden belts may be in jeopardy sooner rather than later.

With Blood and Guts now only a matter of days away, however, it begs the question; just how are the various faces of All Elite Wrestling preparing for a night which has the makings of a landmark moment in the company's history? Well, if Instagram is anything to go by, Le Champion isn't too concerned. He's too busy dressing up like a walking, talking cactus to watch some horses sprint around a race track...

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