20 Most Revealing AEW Instagram Posts Of The Week (Sep 14)

Which AEW star came face-to-face with Mortal Kombat royalty on Instagram this week?

AEW Instagram

What a difference a few vanilla midget signings can make, eh?

In the week that followed a landscape shifting ALL OUT PPV, not only have Tony Khan and his crew recorded a cheeky 1,309,000 viewers on average tuning in to the following week's Dynamite, but The Land of All Elite was said to have also drawn well over 200,000 PPV buys for the aforementioned blockbuster Sunday show. This will likely make the show the most watched non-WWE event since the turn of the century.

Not bad at all, TK.

On said post-ALL OUT Dynamite, it wasn't a case of sitting back and receiving flowers all around, though? Far from it. Instead, Bryan Danielson went straight for The Elite's head - or Cleaner in this case. Adam Cole continued to get back in the dastardly groove. CM Punk asked for some Hook. MJF proved he still had new-found d*ckish places to go as a piece of sh*t heel. And Jon Moxley and Minoru Suzuki did what they could with next to no time in the former's hometown on Cincinnati.

Rampage also delivered us both a match that had been promised and frustratingly put off in PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo, and an apparent return to form for the latter. Just in time to battle it out with the rest of an insanely stacked men's main event scene. Oh, and it turns out the quickest way to p*ss off Charlotte Flair's man is to bend the rules with the latest Apple offering. Who knew?

But with the next AEW PPV still some way away, and AEW Grand Slam right around the corner, could this white hot promotion pull a few more (ramblin') rabbits out of the hat before the month is over? You wouldn't bet against it. Until then, however, here's a shot of the TNT Champion squaring up to Johnny Cage on Instagram...

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