20 Most Ridiculous WWE Action Figures Ever Released

Just who is a half black/half white Roddy Piper action figure actually aimed at?

Designing action figures based off wrestlers is a job that we don€™t envy. With cartoon characters and the like it€™s arguably more forgiving because the characters aren€™t meant to look real. But if you€™re taking iconic faces and characters and moulding them into miniature plastic versions of themselves, there really isn€™t a lot of room for error. You just need to get the Undertaker€™s forehead scaled wrong by 10%, and it can be all the difference between having a recognisable phenom, or a miniature plastic Rocky Dennis. And as I am sure we can all admit, wrestling fans aren€™t exactly known for their silence on when they think something is wrong. In saying that though, sometimes the transgressions are simply unforgivable, and all the merciless mocking is valid. Sometimes, action figure manufacturers are simply lazy. Other times they clearly do not understand the product they are replicating into miniature form. When this happens the results can be interesting to say the least. This is when we get action figures that have no resemblance to who they are meant to be, have a nonsensical gimmick, are completely inappropriate, or are a woefully confusing combination of all three. These twenty action figures fit that bill €“ and sadly this is only a taster of some of the awful garbage that has been marketed over the years. If you have some of these in your collection consider yourself lucky, because some of these figures are so awful that they go all the way back round to being amazing again.
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