20 Reasons Why Last Night's WWE Raw Was An Absolute Mess

In which Erick Rowan strokes his spider and Becky Lynch loses her cool.

Erick Rowan spider lol imagine liking this

Last night’s WWE Raw was of a different ilk to those usually covered by the Absolute Mess series.

Parts of it were excellent. An explosive opening established Drew McIntyre as a credibly imposing Brock Lesnar conquerer following a tremendous Paul Heyman promo, put over the top by the WWE Champion’s outstanding selling. Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. the Street Profits was very well laid-out and a great example of shenanigans boosting a match rather than detracting from it. It was perhaps a tad long, but the lucha tag was loads of fun. Randy Orton and Beth Phoenix concocted one of the most memorable Raw segments of any era, and not just for the RKO: Orton generated real, organic emotion in a synthetic universe.

These matches and angles ruled. The rest of Raw? Not so much. Quality levels dipped from 8/10 to 2/10 on several, sometimes from segment to segment. The pendulum swung wildly. Raw was a three-hour finger food spread with gourmet-quality canapés and vol au vents beside festering sausage rolls and devilled sh*tballs. Indeed, it was an absolute mess.

Let’s run through this ridiculous, inconsistent show…


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