20 Wrestlers You Totally Forgot Wrestled For AEW

All Elite Wrestling had to fill those Casino Battle Royales some way...

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MJF. Adam Page. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Darby Allin. Hikaru Shida.

Unless you were a hardcore indie wrestling fan, you likely weren't too familiar with any of those names prior to the start of All Elite Wrestling. In the Tony Khan-helmed promotion, they've each etched their name into AEW's illustrious history in their own unique way to such a seismic extent that they're now on the same level of the Chris Jerichos and Jon Moxleys of the world.

Sadly, not everyone can have the same fate. Despite AEW's credible booking system, there is simply too much talent on offer for everyone to be a top-tier name in the company.

At the time of writing, there have been a total of ten AEW pay-per-views, 86 episodes of AEW Dynamite, 90 episodes of AEW Dark, and eleven episodes of AEW Dark: Elevation. That provides a ton of content for the Jacksonville-based promotion, and, of course, they've got to find enough talent to fill those spaces.

The company has, as a result, made use of certain names on only one occasion, whether they were legitimate wrestling legends, career jobbers, or current IMPACT Wrestling stars. There's no way anyone can remember everyone who's ever wrestled for AEW, especially as it pertains to these guys...

20. Lei'D Tapa

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If you weren't following IMPACT Wrestling in the early to mid-2010s - and rightfully not, if that was the case - then you likely had no clue who Lei'D Tapa was when she cropped up on the 3 November 2020 edition of AEW Dark.

The former Dollhouse member lost to Dark regular KiLynn King in just under three minutes, taking a well-timed Frog Splash for the deciding fall as the crowd went mild. Tapa did, however, dominate King for portions of the match, hitting a neat Samoan drop along the way. Sadly, it just wasn't meant to be for the former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor.

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