20 WTF Moments In Stone Cold Steve Austin's WWE Career


When you think of Stone Cold Steve Austin, what comes to mind first? The signature sound of breaking glass as he'd march down the entrance ramp? The time he doused Shane and Vince McMahon with a beer truck? His record as a six-time WWF Champion? "What?" There's a lot of reasons why many people still consider the toughest S.O.B. to be the greatest wrestling talent of all time. Austin himself will be the first to admit that he wasn't the world's best wrestler, but his endless charisma and strong character made him utterly compelling. He very well could have just been another pre-Attitude Era wrestler long since forgotten, but once he uttered the famous "Austin 3:16" speech, he appealed to charged-up young men the world over who also wanted to drink beer and slap their boss around. However, Stone Cold's WWE career is not without its blemishes. As a performer with WWE from 1995 (as the Ringmaster) until 2005 (when he was the Raw sheriff before leaving completely), a whole lot changed in the company in those 10 years. He saw the start and finish of the beloved Attitude Era, the buying of WCW, the Invasion, and the debut of the new guard like Randy Orton and John Cena. Austin also had some baffling, confusion-inducing moments that we just can't forget.

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