20 WWE Attitude Era Superstars You Forgot Existed

19. Southern Justice

Pantera WWE

If you're sitting there and saying, 'Hey, I know those lads', then you must be a Godwinns super-fan. Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight did play Henry O and Phineas I, but they scrapped the hillbilly sh*t to become Southern Justice in 1998. Their only real purpose was to back up Jeff Jarrett.

That's J-E-Double F J-A-Double...ah, you know it.

Justice were also managed by Tennessee Lee, and admittedly looked bad ass in their suits and shades. Think of them as a sort of precursor to The APA; Canterbury and Knight were hired guns who kicked the crap out of others for money. Unlike APA though, they exclusively did that for Lee and Jarrett.

Most fans of the time recall The Godwinns vividly. Their good old country boy gimmick was hard not to notice, after all. Southern Justice, by comparison, have been all-but-totally forgotten. They only had a short run before injuries wrecked the new personas, in fairness.


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