21 Years Of WWE SmackDown Mistakes

Feeling Blue.


SmackDown's move to Fox is a monumental achievement worthy of a this week's grand "Season Premiere" gesture during a transformative period for the industry at large.

A billion dollar deal brought the show to the channel on the strength of several good years going live on Tuesdays and presumably a fascination Fox had for Vince McMahon's brand and/or business.

Coming right around the blue brand's 20 year anniversary, said celebration will receive substantially less love from WWE than it should perhaps receive. For two decades, it has been a show many have remained loyal to due to occasional bouts of utter excellence. As a full-blown second weekly show in 1999, it burst on the scene with an oval-staged Joie De Vivre. By 2002, it represented a new pinnacle for workrate in WWE. In 2008 with a freshly motivated Triple H on top and a still-in-his-prime Jim Ross on the call, it was a tonic to the poison Monday Night Raw had gradually become. Enough went on between 2016 and 2019 to justify the bulliuon Fox have parted with for it. Golden times, these timestamps reflected the brand at its best.

But where's the fun in that? Hidden away from the madness of Monday Night, SmackDown's gotten away with literal murder more than once, and a fair few other crimes too...


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