23 Things We Learned From Edge & Christian On Stone Cold's WWE Network Podcast

The most entertaining network podcast yet totally reeks of awesomeness!

Every fan's favorite rattlesnake returned to the WWE Network once again to host an exclusive version of his wildly popular podcast. This time the guests were WWE Hall of Famer Edge and his kayfabe brother and real-life best friend, Christian. The Canadian duo are responsible for some of WWE's most hilarious moments of the early 2000s and out-of-this-world tag team matches, characterized by their trademark zaniness and risk-taking ring style. Eventually they went their separate ways, carving out impressive careers as solo acts. We kick things off with Christian thanking Steve for having them on, saying that he had a tough choice between them and Mantaur, and Austin replied that Mantaur got held up at the border due to his head. This should be fun, so let's get to it...

23. What They've Been Up To

Austin tries to remember how long it's been since the three have all been together - WrestleMania XXVIII - and asks them to catch him up on what they've all had going on since then. We see some pics of the two when they first came to WWE and Stone Cold says they've gone from looking like rock stars to responsible adults, and Christian remarks that they're both fathers now. Edge tells the story of how they both found out they were having a baby at the same time (not with each other) only six weeks apart, and his mother asked if it's possible for them to do anything separately. Edge is now living in Asheville, North Carolina, saying that he narrowed it down to there, Portland and Seattle, but went with Asheville because it was close enough for his family to drive up to see him. Edge says he and his wife "pulled the goalie and I scored" and is now the proud father of a daughter named Lyric Rose, and he jokes that she's already got delts and is moving furniture. Christian says that he's currently living in Tampa, Florida, where he's been ever since he moved down from Canada in 2001. He says that he was tired of the cold and loved the warmth. His wife is currently pursuing her PhD in art history so they'll be there for at least another couple of years until she finishes up.

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