23 Wrestlers Who Have Died In 2019

In loving memory of fallen friends.

It's been a rough year to be a wrestling fan.

No, this isn't some tacked-on commentary about WWE's product, any growing pains for AEW or anything like that. Forget what's happening on screen, because what's happening away from the cameras is much more depressing. Just over halfway through 2019, the industry has already lost far too many friends and colleagues.

On the recent Raw Reunion special, Steve Austin looked a bit choked up as he remarked that everyone on stage, behind the curtain and in the stands was part of his "family". What may have sounded like tipsy hype from a legend giddy to be back for one night only is actually more poignant than some might think.

Wrestling is a fraternity. It's one rife with politics, fallouts and personal problems, but it's a brother and sisterhood nonetheless. Any wrestler or fan should be saddened to learn of anyone in the business passing, and that's why this article exists.

It's a tribute to those who have already left this mortal coil behind and been beamed up to that mystical great big ring in the sky.


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