23 WTF Moments From TNA Impact (Sept 23)

A one-legged Lumberjack Match, Manik unmasks, Pope pervs on Gail Kim, and much more...

With GFW well and truly pushed out of TNA, this week's Impact was...a whole lot less interesting. Sure, the show was as packed with botches, weird fans and terrible commentary as ever, but if the last few weeks have proven anything, it's that the company is in sore need of a personality injection. This week's Impact was mostly a wheel-spinning affair in the lead up to Bound for Glory, setting up a few matches for the show but mostly just reeking of filler. Hopefully Dixie Carter will be smart and bring back Jeff Jarrett's rival company soon, because their absence was sorely felt this week. From the strangest lumberjack match ever to possibly Matt Hardy's most hilarious TNA moment yet and a bunch of nonsensical booking decisions, here are 23 WTF moments from this week's Impact...

23. The TNA Celebration...Despite Most Of The Roster Having No Involvement

This week's episode of Impact kicked off with TNA's talent celebrating their victory over GFW last week, as Dixie Carter thanked Lashley, Drew Galloway and the Wolves for their efforts in Lethal Lockdown last week. Still, it was pretty silly that the entire roster came out to the ring considering how few of them actually seemed to care about the GFW invasion. Had TNA actually made more an effort with this storyline and tried to involve everyone from the jobbers to the Knockouts, then perhaps the feeling of togetherness the segment was supposed to invite might've worked. Instead, it was just totally unconvincing.

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