24 WTF Moments From TNA Impact (Feb 2)

Say hello to your new X-Division champ!

This week's episode of Impact saw Matt Hardy attempting to bolster his status as TNA's top-line heel ahead of EC3's imminent return as the top-line face. We got to see EC3 appear for the first time since he lost the TNA World Title to Hardy, one wrestler got hit with cupid's dart and exhibited sure symptoms of puppy love, and yes, we even got a title change this week! Though we're still many months away from a proper, fully-fledged TNA pay-per-view (Slammiversary isn't until July), be sure to tune in for the One Night Only: Rivals show this weekend, which will see the Wolves taking on one another, the Dollhouse facing the Beautiful People, and Matt Hardy facing off against EC3, among other bouts of course. Here are 24 WTF moments from this week's TNA Impact Wrestling...

24. EC3 Organises A Secret Interview

This week's show opens with EC3 appearing at an unidentified location as a camera crew seems to have stalked him. EC3 says that if the crew want an interview, to come find him at an undisclosed meeting point which he scrawls on a notepad at 4pm, and not to be late. A fairly sinister start to the show, no?

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