24 WTF Moments From WWE Raw (Nov 28)

What a night it was when Ric Flair invented the Figure 8...


Michael Cole's a silly sausage, isn't he? Clearly, Raw's number one announcer (as opposed to Funaki, who is SmackDown's number one), Cole has been hanging out with JBL just a little too much. Some of that old John O'Clock magic has rubbed off on dear Michael. Either that or it's the moonshine all over again.

This week on Raw, Cole came away with some absolute diamonds on commentary. Seriously, there must have been something in those Booty-O's The New Day showered upon the Raw announce desk during the show.

Apparently, being on drugs wasn't something Cole was alone in, the creative team were also suitably high on something (probably life, due to the joyous existence they lead being intimidated by the McMahon family). Somehow, everybody ignored everything to do with stipulations on Raw.

Incredibly laid-back office workers, the slowest counts ever from a referee, sexual puns so bad they'd make Jerry Lawler cringe and even Sheamus proving that Irish people just sweat Guinness. Those head-scratching moments and many more are all here.

Here are all the WTF moments Raw can handle. Now, where's that moonshine...


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