25 Greatest WWE WrestleMania Matches Ever

The most epic clashes from thirty years of grand spectacles.


So, what's the greatest WrestleMania match of all time?

It's a debate with no end. How does one pick one 'five star' saga over another? The matches that ostensibly are WrestleMania's consensus picks are great for different reasons. Is one really any better than the next?

What makes a great WrestleMania match? Something of length is preferred; it can't be an action-packed but short match, but it doesn't necessarily have to be War and Peace-length either. A match with high drama and an unpredictable outcome is also important. There needs to be suspense, that hair-tearing feeling of anxiousness with every twist of the screw - that 'big match feel', so to speak. Essentially, it is the duty of a great WrestleMania match to be memorable for the right reasons. What makes the list difficult is that there are more than 25 such matches.

If you go by the accepted tenets of what 'five star' matches are, and how it differs from a 'four star' match, know that in the eyes of the author, each match listed here was a heavy candidate for best match in its respective year. If something got left off, bear in mind that space was limited.

What's the greatest WrestleMania match of all time? Here's how one person stacks up the very best...


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