25 Most Important Wrestlers In NXT History

NXT has had plenty of memorable stars in its time, but which 25 are the most vital to its success?


On the 1st of June, NXT will put on TakeOver: XXV, its ultra-originally-named 25th TakeOver show.

From humble beginnings as a reality show in 2010 to WWE's answer to the independent scene, NXT has come a long way in the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

One of the things that NXT has been responsible for is creating the next generation of WWE talent. Its alumni include champions, merchandise movers, and even WrestleMania main eventers.

The story of NXT's success has many key characters - the stars who helped take the Florida-based brand from developmental system to industry changer. But which of these characters are the Jon Snow and Arya Stark of NXT, as opposed to the Ollies and the Ygrittes?

Of all the talented wrestlers to walk through the doors of the WWE Performance Centre, the following 25 are the ones who the promotion owes the most to. The trailblazers, the icons, the legends, the guys and gals who helped put NXT on the map and without whom we would have no third brand today.

Get your reminiscing hats on, because we're going way way back with some of these performers, ranking them on their contributions to the brand, their successes in Florida and in the wider WWE system, and how strongly linked they are to the promotion.

In honour of TakeOver XXV, let's dive head first into the best of the best in the history of NXT.


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