25 Best WWE Instagram Posts From WrestleMania 32

Here comes the money!


So there you have it: after months of build and months of wondering how WWE could possibly survive a decimated roster WrestleMania 32 blew out with a few surprises and even more painful inevitabilities. It wasn't exactly the greatest or the most memorable showpiece in WWE history, but if PPVs are measured only in the stunning moments, 2016's event did deliver.

Few will forget the sight of Shane O Mac hurling himself off the top of the cell, or Sami Zayn's dive through the ladder, or the New Day's ridiculous entrance or Dean Ambrose's innovative attempts to level the playing field against Brock Lesnar.

The grumbles at the ending, or Shane's loss (and what it inevitably means for Raw) or Charlotte's win will also ring loudly, but as long as we're talking about the event and the product, you have to suspect that Vince, Stephanie and Triple H will sleep well.

Alongside all of the action, fans, wrestlers and backstage talent took to social media to document around the event, so it would be rude not to bring out a special Mania edition of the weekly Instagram round-up. Here's how Mania happened through the filters...

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