25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (17th Jan)

Hitman's gruesome wrist, Kaitlyn V Ironman and WWE in India...

With the pieces still being picked up from John Cena's injury, denials that Daniel Bryan is on the way out and major - unsurprising - rumours that Triple H and Roman Reigns will headline WrestleMania it's been a busy week for pro wrestling. There's also been the small matter of Sister Abigail (hopefully meaning better booking for the Wyatts), AJ Styles teasing his Royal Rumble entry and the WrestleMania 33 venue talk. Caught your breath yet? There was also a trip to India, the NXT Awards and the revelation that John Cena makes the highest wages in WWE - who saw that coming? In amongst all that you'd wonder how any of the stars could possibly have had any time to post backstage and workout selfies and road shots revealing the glamour of jetting off the India for new shows. But luckily for us, there's always time for a selfie, and the roster (and former stars no longer under contract) continued to offer the kind of insights into their private and professional lives that inspire everyone to comment "you suck" and "ugly" endlessly. This is the week in WWE Instagram...

25. Bret Hart's Injured Wrist

Well, that's horrendous.
"If anyone is wondering why I can't sign autographs ... These pins are why! I am really looking forward to getting them out."
Who needs The Revenant when you can look at gigantic bits of metal poking out of a man's flesh, right?

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