25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Jul 20)

Which WWE star trolled fans on Instagram before Money in the Bank this week?

WWE Instagram

If ever you needed a reminder of just how much a capacity crowd offers to the WWE experience as a whole, we give you the last seven days.

As the ThunderDome was finally put to rest, SmackDown hit Texas with an almighty bang as the near-15,000 crowd decided to treat every entrance, near-fall, and finish like it was the single greatest moment of their life. Rated 'R' Superstars very nearly took the roof off the place early, and Kevin Owens decided to throw his body through a table off a ladder; and this was merely night one of the three evenings that may have just salvaged many a fan's faith in a dying product.

Money in the Bank was next on the horizon, combining its usual brand of high-risk stunts and twists with an audience who'd been champing at the bit to pop their t*ts off for 17 months. An unexpected match of the night from a Nightmare and a Queen, a superhero (well, almost) outwitting the field, and another positively marvellous new briefcase holder set the stage for a mouth-watering main event. But an admirable shift from a gritty Hall of Famer and our Tribal Chief soon found itself being overshadowed by the man who cannot be seen.

Thankfully, Monday night gave us a chance to catch our breaths. LOL, jk. The red brand instead opened with John Cena calling Reigns an a-hole, went on to pretty much murder the NXT Champion's credibility in two-minutes flat, and even treated us to the return of Keith Lee and Goldberg too. Oh, and Nikki A.S.H. is almost a Champion no longer, because WWE decided to spam just about every surprise available to them. And you know what? This writer is bloody happy they did.

But with SummerSlam now popping its head up on the horizon, WWE has the unenviable task of topping the stellar work they've put in over the last week. It remains to be seen if The Man or The Beast will have something to say or do come the Biggest Party of the Summer, but what can already be admired is the former's trademark penchant for trolling on Instagram. Never change, Becky.

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