25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Mar 7)

Which WWE star chose the wrong fishing outfit on Instagram this week?


You can't comment on the past seven days in the land of World Wrestling Entertainment without well and truly tipping your cap to the Almighty Bobby Lashley.

After 17 years of grafting in the business of professional wrestling, Monday night saw the dominant force slaughter The Miz on route to becoming the WWE Champion for the very first time, a just reward after a year of impressive conquering alongside his Hurt Business partners. We'll ignore the fact that it took a stupid number of clock appearances on the night for it to go down as this was potentially the beginning of a game-changing shift in the WWE title's destiny coming into WrestleMania 37.

On the other hand, Friday Night SmackDown on FOX opted to make next to no sense for the most part, only redeeming itself with a mouth-watering conclusion which set up a Fastlane rematch six years in the making. No, we are not getting Wade Barret Vs Jon Moxley... AEW are saving that for Revolution 2022...

Speaking of the Wednesday Night Wars, they're over. NXT are reportedly moving to Tuesday nights post-'Mania, with the brand potentially ringing in this changing of the nights with a two-day TakeOver by the name of 'Stand and Deliver'. And the less said about introducing yet another set of Women's Tag Team belts before then the better, eh? Play with the toys you've got, Vince!

As things start to heat up on the Road to WrestleMania though, both on TV and outside, how have our favourite WWE stars been getting themselves ready for their Peacock debut and the biggest show of the year?

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