25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (March 27th)

Birthdays, WrestleMania bods and the Hoff...


Another week, another set of massive wrestling related questions: will John Cena appear at WrestleMania in some capacity? Might he be hauled in to interrupt a match and set up his return feud? And who the hell buys his suits?

The week also saw the tease of Randy Orton's return, though he too will miss Mania, which is ominously looking like a main event lacking real headline weight. And while the persistent rumours that the brand split is coming back to save the day are very welcome, there's a slight feeling that the showcase needs to just get out of the way for a big reset.

There's also been whispers of discontent from former stars looking to sue over the Network's replacement of DVDs (and removal of royalties), and Hulk Hogan was awarded another $25m in damages in the Gawker case. Lifetime must be chomping at the bit to make that into a movie.

And through it all, of course, the roster talent and former stars took to social media to show off their 'Mania muscles and beach bods without a care in the world.

This is the week in WWE Instagram...

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