25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 2)

Which star teased an epic showdown with a recently banished WWE wrestler on Instagram?

WWE Instagram

After spending the lat five years providing us with memorable blue moments, either behind the title of GM, somehow detested Planet's Champion, or valiant veteran attempting to capture one last moment in the sun, Daniel Bryan's time on the SmackDown roster appears to be up.

That is until WWE decide to randomly reintroduce him via lacklustre backstage segment. Glad to have you back, Sonya Deville!

For now though, The Tribal Chief will bathe in our tears after fulfilling his own frightening prophecy, and a new challenger in the form of a Swiss Superman will attempt to fill the gap left behind by The Miracle Kid.

Highlighting WWE's impressive ability to go from compelling to mind-numbing (or vice versa) in a matter of days, Raw delivered its usual box of tricks that nobody asked for this week, including a Lily jump scare designed to wake up those caught nodding off mid-way through the marathon that is Monday.

The biggest takeaway coming out of this week, however, on top of "OMG Roman Reigns got rid of the Shield theme!", is just where D-Bry will end up next - assuming he doesn't perform a disappointing blue show U-turn in a matter of weeks. (Seriously, WWE, don't you dare.) Judging from a certain NXT title holder's Instagram, we know one place he'll be more than welcome...

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