25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Oct 22)

Abs of steel, kings crowned and much more on WWE Instagram this week...

WWE Instagram

In what is swiftly turning into one of the most conflicting spells on the WWE calendar, this week saw Vince McMahon take his circus back over to Saudi Arabia for the latest instalment of Crown Jewel. And though the quality of Thursday's event, be that in the ring and the all round theatricality on show, was a substantial improvement on past glorified Saudi house shows, it's still impossible to escape the feeling of discomfort that comes hand in hand with these controversial trips over to the Kingdom.

Sure, seeing the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, Zelina Vega, and Doudrop all perform in front of a capacity Saudi crowd is a positive step in the right direction, but there is still a frightening amount of work to be done. And that still won't wash away the many other human rights issues still prevalent in the locale of these WWE Super Shows.

To zoom in on the action itself for a moment, though, it must be said that the likes of Edge and Seth Rollins, Xavier Woods and Finn Balor, and the aforementioned trio of ass-kicking, Championship-chasing ladies left it all out there in their pursuit to put on a show under an unescapable dark cloud. Roman Reigns also managed to wiggle out of Mohammed Abdu Arena with his precious belt and Wise Man intact. But judging from a certain Beast's words following his international loss, this never-ending saga is still far from over.

As the Draft finally comes into play from today onwards, and the Crown Jewel detour is now thoroughly in the rear-view mirror, you'd be forgiven for hoping for a bold new direction and some careful handling of a set of re-jigged rosters from both of WWE's signature shows going forward. It remains to be seen whether new stars will be forged or forgotten names will be revived, yet we do know that The Rated R Superstar can probably grate cheddar on his solid as f**k stomach; just check his Instagram...

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