25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Sep 14)

A Big new WWE Champion, shocking announcements, and more on WWE Instagram this week...

WWE Instagram

If you needed a reminder of just how full of BS good ol' Vinnie Mac truly was when he recently confessed that those indie darlings over in The Land of All Elite weren't what he'd class as serious competition, I give you last night's edition of the one-time "flagship".

Pulling the trigger on a cash-in which seemingly looked destined to cost the promotion's Tribal Chief his place at The Head of the Table, The New Day's Big E rocked up on a show he wasn't even signed to - after already stating that he was planning on utilising his title shot on Twitter earlier in the day - and walked out of Boston your new reigning WWE Champion.

Not a single soul would deny that the gyrating legend's run at the top is long overdue, but you have to imagine that said heart-warming victory wouldn't have come so out of the blue if not for a certain number of WWE talents of days gone by rocking up on TK's show a week or so ago.

It wasn't just all about Monday, though. MSG SmackDown delivered the goods too! Edge and Rollins went at it once again, with the latter this time tying up the scores to the set the stage for an Extreme tiebreaker. Viking Lesnar set his sights on Reigns. And a Demon rose from the shadows.

As NXT 2.0 finally rears its colourful head this week, Samoa Joe also dramatically revealed he had no choice but to vacate the brand's top belt due to injury, setting up a mouth-watering four-way over the strap tonight! Wrestling is at its best when it's off its t*ts. Am I right?

And if all that excitement wasn't enough, Eva Marie has been totally, 100% confirmed as the next WWE 2K cover star too! Just check out her Instagram...

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