25 Reasons Why WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Was An Absolute Mess

Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend lowlights 2019's worst WWE pay-per-view.


A few notes on what was good about Hell In A Cell 2019 before we tear this abomination of a pay-per-view apart.

A violent, dangerous clash worked perilously close to the edge of control, Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks ruled. The duo utilised the stipulation excellently, working creative plunder spots into a brisk, exciting battle that felt real, hateful, and heated. That 'The Man' prevailed might be a bone of contention for some, but the match itself delivered. Later, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns joined forces to fight Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in an excellent brawl of a tornado tag bout, after which the babyfaces came together with a big ol' hug.

That's it. That was everything good about Hell In A Cell 2019 - the first two matches. It went off a cliff soon after.

This isn't to say that HIAC wasn't entertaining, because it definitely was. It was the kind of so-bad-it's-good trainwreck had done well to avoid in this strong year of pay-per-views, and downright hilarious at times, but also precisely the kind of show WWE didn't need to deliver four days after AEW slaughtered NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars.

Simultaneously comical and disastrous, HIAC 2019 was an absolute mess.


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