25 WTF Moments From WWE SmackDown (June 2)

24. Kevin Dunn Joins Blazin' Squad


You remember early naughties' British pop sensation Balzin' Squad, right? No? Doesn't matter then...

Anyway, I know that on RAW's WTF Moments I made a promise never to make a song and dance about Kevin Dunn muting Roman Reigns' boos ever again. However, I never mentioned anything about him tampering with another WWE Superstars' reaction now did I?

Kevin Dunn took a page from Blazin' Squad's playbook and done 'Flip Reversed' his crowd altering target. Instead of muting boos, he muted cheers on SmackDown.

AJ Styles emerged to join his Club brethren on the stage to an initial burst of cheers and screams. This then turned to classically dull Kevin Dunn boos quicker than you can say AJ has the haircut of an 80s lesbian.

Just stop doing this to Superstars. It sounds horrible. Let fans react how they want to react, dammit.

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