26 WTF Moments From NXT TakeOver: Respect

Asuka = the newer, sexier Brock Lesnar?

NXT's latest TakeOver special, Respect, decisively reinforced the fact that NXT is steamrolling WWE as far as passion, intensity, in-ring storytelling and sheer athleticism go. There wasn't a single dud match among the bunch, and in fact several terrific bouts which served as a brilliant showcase for these immense talents. Even so, just because this was a much higher quality show than WWE's typical output, don't think that means it's any less WTF. Yes, NXT still had its share of peculiar moments, what with Byron Saxton's presence damn-near guaranteeing it, not to mention an extremely excitable crowd, the NXT debut of the legendary Asuka, and a main event sure to go down in NXT history. From the very good good creative decisions, to a few bad and a glut of just totally weird ones, here are 26 WTF moments from NXT TakeOver: Respect...

26. Byron's Awesome Silky Pimp Suit

The Respect pre-show got off to a stellar start when the cameras got a good look at what Byron Saxton was wearing, a super-slick silky suit. Has this guy ever looked more like a smooth pimp in his life? Hopefully it's the sign of more outlandish attire to come, though going by Twitter's response, not everyone was loving it...

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