27 Wrestlers Who Have Died In 2021

In memoriam of those wrestling names who have sadly left us this year.

New Jack

While there's still fourth months of the year left as of this writing, 2021 has been a rough, rough year for the professional wrestling industry.

For the promotions dotted throughout the business, some of them have found it hard to keep their head above water due to restrictions in place because of the ongoing global pandemic. And even for those promotions that have been able to run shows, the atmosphere has often been a soulless one due to a distinct lack of - or extremely low number of - fans in attendance. On that front, things have edged closer and closer to a little more normalcy in recent weeks, but who knows what lies ahead.

Away from those issues, 2021 is a year that has also sadly seen so many wrestling stars and personalities pass away. Some were huge stars, some maybe weren't the biggest of names, yet all had an impact on the wrestling business in one way or another.

With that in mind, then, here are details of the 27 wrestling names who have tragically left us in 2021 so far.

27. El Hijo De Aníbal

New Jack

El Hijo de Aníbal passed away on 23 January at the age of 50.

A 28-year veteran of the industry and three-time AIWA World Heavyweight Championship, Aníbal Jr. is one of the millions who have tragically been taken by COVID-19 across this past 18 months or so.

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