27 WTF Moments From WWE Hell In A Cell 2016

Vince actually put the ladies on last!

sasha banks charlotte

In the build up to this year's Hell In A Cell spectacular it was a question of will he or won't he as Vince McMahon was apparently in two minds about putting the RAW Women's Championship match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte on last.

Numerous reports went viral over social media claiming the real boss, sorry Sasha, had put his foot down and decided against what would be a ground breaking evening for female wrestlers the world over. However, as the show opened the makeup of the card was still anyone's guess.

Aside from the order of the matches, I suppose the other big issue heading into HIAC surrounded Chris Jericho and his role in the show. I can't have been the only one switching off my television on Monday night and questioning the direction of the show. The powers that be in WWE's creative teams focussed the entire show around the List Of Jericho, and Chris' quest to find it instead of doing what was right and focussing on the two primary belts for the men and the women. Imagine focussing almost the entirety of the go home show for a PPV on somebody that wasn't even booked for it... madness.

He had to be involved somehow. Nobody knew how heading into the event but Y2J simply had to stick his nose in somehow...

Here are all the WTF Moments from WWE Hell In A Cell 2016...

27. RAW Talk

sasha banks charlotte
WWE Network

They couldn't just let SmackDown Live have something, could they? Not only did RAW take the majority of big hitters during the brand extension draft, they've also completely ripped off one of the best things about the blue brand.

Now I know that RAW probably should have their own equivalent to Talking Smack, but copying it directly while having the same host in Renee Young is not what the doctor ordered. Since the two shows are supposed to be competing against each other, wouldn't it have made sense to have two separate teams dealing with the shows at the very least?

Needless to say, if the after shows follow the trend of the shows they are reviewing, RAW Talk will get off to a flyer and then fall way behind talking Smack.

Seriously though, why didn't they come up with a unique concept to differentiate between the brands. It doesn't make sense in the midst of the narrative that the shows are competing against each other that one would copy the other a couple of months down the line.

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